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The Painful Shoulder: Complex doesn’t have to be Complicated (Adam Meakins)

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This fast and furious two day course is suitable for ALL who work with people in pain and aims to give you the confidence and the evidence that a more simple, straight forward approach is both effective and efficent for many shoulder problems. The course is designed to cut through the confusing and conflicting methods and techniques often promoted to help shoulder problems, and give you an adaptable framework for you to assess and manage everyone from the elite athlete to the couch potatoe. It promises to be an informative, informal, and fun few days with lots of clinically relevant ideas and tips that you can put into practice immediately. It however does NOT promise quick fixes, miracle treatments, or fancy rehab exercises.

Course objectives:
– Simplify your assessment and management of the most commonly encountered shoulder issues
– Expose the myths and misconceptions around shoulder anatomy, biomechanics and pathology
– Explore the evidence for the assessment and diagnosis of the most common shoulder issues
– Examine how best to assess shoulder movement, muscle function, proprioception, and the kinetic chain
– Evaluate the best shoulder rehab exercises and progression with chances to practice and rehearse ideas

Adam Meakins

Adam has worked in many roles throughout his career, including professional sport, and has been fortunate enough to work with, and learn from some of the worlds leading experts. Adam has helped a wide and diverse range of people return to full function after an injury or episode of pain, and understands the importance of robust meaningful rehab for all. As a keen sportsman himself Adam also full understands the passion, dedication and desire all athletes of all abilities have for a speedy return back to performance. Adam has extensive training and clinical experience in orthopaedic medical assessment and treatment, and always looks for the most effective, efficient, and evidence-based approach to help all he sees recover as quickly and safely as possible. His main philosophy is to do the basics really well and save the complex stuff for later if needed. Adam strongly believes in a practical and pragmatic approach, and is passionate about educating patients and clinicians on the evidence and effectiveness or lack of it for many treatments within the profession. Adam has lectured for Brunel University on their undergraduate physiotherapy program, and now teaches his own highly acclaimed international workshops across the world. He is also actively involved in a number of clinical research projects and has published papers in peer-reviewed journals, and written a chapter for the latest edition of the best selling sports medicine book, Brukner & Khan’s Clinical Sports Medicine.

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