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ACT in the Clinic – Training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for MSK Therapists (Laura Rathbone)

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In this course we will explore

  • The Acceptance and Commitment framework
  • The theory of process-based therapy
  • The philosophical roots of ACT and PBT

The framework of ACT beautiful aligns with the rehabilitation and therapy model for pain. 

By exploring the framework and skills offered to us by ACT, rehab professionals can navigate and support their patients & clients through moments of resistance and towards values-based activities that is an important part of living well with persistent pain.

ACT is not a linear process adn no-one can be taught “how-to” ACT. To do it well we, we need to understand the stand-point of ACT and why the elements of the framework can be so powerful in supporting the transformation of a pain experience from live-destroying, to life-transforming. To do this, you will need to invest in theoretical basis of Process-based Therapy.

Embracing ACT will change you on a personal level as much as a professional level.  We explore how you view the world and make sense of your role, your biases within your philosophy and how understanding different philosophical traditions will liberate your practice so that you can fully expand your scope out into being a hybrid-therapist and comfortable in the uncertainty of pain and pain-specialised care.

All participants receive life time access to the recorded version on Laura’s platform – a community space for those who have followed the course


A one month post-course clinical coaching group is included in the registration



Laura Rathbone (MSc, PT)

I am fascinated and dedicated to sharing the science and philosophy of pain with the aim of supporting more clinicians to work with an evidence-based whole-person approach.

I am a qualified Physiotherapist, although now, I work more wholistically as a therapist.  I completed my MSc in Advanced Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy at Kings’ College, London where I explored the philosophy and complexity of pain more deeply.

I now support people with pain and the clinicians working with pain from all over the world, teaching courses on integrated approaches to MSK therapy and guest lecturing at universities in the UK and the Netherlands.

I qualified as a Journalist before studying Physiotherapy and weave together skills and knowledge from both professions, alongside my further training in psychological approaches, to hold a wide practice for supporting with pain.

I am deeply interested in the role of literature, art, language, and communication in healthcare. I bring this interest and these skills to my podcast ‘Philosophers Chatting with Clinicians’ (available on spotify), my teaching and community of clinicians called The Hive, and I founded the international reading community ‘Pain Geeks’ which I now run with my business partner Christine Petrides.

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